Do You Know These Windows Tips and Hacks?

It really is possible to enhance the performance of your computer, regardless of how fast and advanced it is, by learning and applying some of Windows tips and shortcuts. The Windows operating system is very intricate, and there are a lot of little fine-tuning tricks you can use – ones that even computer gurus may not be aware of – that can improve different areas of your computer. There is no end to the things that you can do on Windows and, therein, lies the problem. Nobody can learn everything. Our focus in this article is to tell you about some Windows tips that are very useful and well worth learning. learn about lizardwebs

Let’s talk about your mouse. Are you someone who prefers keyboard shortcuts, or would you rather use your mouse? Keyboard shortcuts can be very useful even if you prefer using a mouse. There is so much more you can do using your keyboard. Most people don’t even have a clue! There are websites you can explore that can teach you hundreds of ways to use your keyboard that you can’t even imagine. For example, if you want to maximize your screen, press Windows and the Up arrow key. Reverse the procedure to minimize your view. Press the Windows key in conjunction with the DOWN arrow key. A helpful key sequence to remember, if you want to preview a file before you open it, is ALT + P. You can use this to preview images of photos you have saved, as well as videos or text documents. There are many more keyboard shortcuts that can make working with your PC easier and faster.

Most of us search online by opening our browser and doing a search. You’ll probably love the convenient Windows 7 feature that lets you conduct searches from your desktop without the need of opening your browser. You have to use what are called search connectors, which enable you to search various sites, such as YouTube, from your desktop. Think of how convenient this would be if you just wanted to do a fast search on one of your most frequently used websites without opening your browser! Many websites already have search connectors you can download and, if a particular site doesn’t have one, there are information sites that will show you how to create one.

Those of you who have had your PC for a while may find that you have accumulated a lot of files. These can be difficult to keep track of, and you may have your own preferred method of arranging them. Windows XP and Vista make this easy by giving you folders, such as My Documents and My Pictures, where you can store the appropriate files. You can then organize your files according to parameters such as type of file, date, and size. Windows 7 goes a step further and uses what it calls “Libraries.” The choices are Documents, Pictures, Videos, Music, and Podcasts and you can add your own. You can create any number of libraries and put the appropriate files where they most make sense. For example, the Document Library can have faxes, documents, and scanned documents. If you are looking for a convenient, advanced method of organizing your files, then you will appreciate the ease of using Libraries.

These shortcuts and tips we’ve given you here are just a few of the many you can learn. You don’t need to learn everything, naturally. Just concentrate on the shortcuts and processes that help with your computer usage. What usually happens is that folks who start to check out the different shortcuts and tips that Windows offers, find themselves searching for additional shortcuts. find out about raleigh computers